Laura Volpini headshot

Laura Volpini Leading for Sustainable Growth

In the heart of every successful company lies a team of individuals whose dedication, expertise, and values drive it forward. Today, we spotlight Laura L. Volpini, the newly appointed Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at New River Electrical. With an impressive background in law and a deep connection to the construction industry, Laura brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the forefront of NRE’s operations. Her arrival marks a significant milestone in NRE’s history as she quickly makes her mark on the company.

Legal Expertise in Construction

Laura Volpini joins New River Electrical with over two decades of legal expertise. Her journey began as a trial lawyer, where she honed her skills in litigation within a large firm based in Ohio. She specialized in construction law litigation – an area directly relevant to New River’s core business – and labor and employment litigation on the management side.

Her background not only equipped Laura with a deep understanding of the legal challenges facing companies like NRE but also instilled in her a profound appreciation for the nuances of managing a large workforce.

Midway through her career, Laura transitioned into transactional law, advising clients on business transactions, including commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate formation and governance, employment, construction, and real estate deals. During this phase, she cultivated an extensive network within Northeast Ohio’s legal and business communities – connections that are invaluable to New River Electrical.

A Strategic Vision for Growth

As NRE’s first Chief Legal Officer, Laura brings more than just legal expertise; she embodies strategic foresight. Her role exceeds traditional legal responsibilities, positioning her as a key player in shaping New River Electrical’s future direction. By integrating legal insight from the get-go rather than as an afterthought, Laura aims to ensure that growth initiatives are sustainable and aligned with NRE’s long-term objectives.

Her approach is grounded in continuous improvement and learning from successes and setbacks. By fostering an environment where feedback is encouraged and valued, Laura envisions taking NRE from its current state to new heights of success over the coming years.

Cultivating Culture and Excellence

At the core of any organization’s success is its culture, which Laura deeply values. She appreciates New River’s existing culture, emphasizing teamwork and exceptional outcomes. She plans to reinforce these principles through her leadership while steering the company towards sustainable growth.

Laura believes that growth isn’t just about expanding business operations but evolving as individuals and as an employee-owned company. She echoes William Burroughs: “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” This philosophy supports her strategy for ensuring that NRE remains dynamic and adaptable amidst an ever-changing business landscape.

Behind the Title

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laura leads a life full of personal commitments and values that align closely with those of New River Electrical. Born to Italian parents, Laura’s upbringing in Youngstown, Ohio, instilled a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for family and community. She is the proud mother of a 15-year-old son who recently started his freshman year of high school.

Laura’s passion extends beyond her legal career. In 2020, during the pandemic, she co-founded a church with a fellow pastor friend. Through this endeavor, Laura became actively involved in community initiatives and took on leadership roles within the church. She not only serves on the board but also leads the women’s group and teaches free faith-based strength training classes. Her dedication to fitness and wellness reflects her commitment to personal growth and holistic well-being.

Her decision to join New River Electrical was not just a career advancement but a divine calling that perfectly aligns with her professional journey and personal convictions. Her own law firm shares core values with NRE, including excellence, a growth mindset, genuine connections, and delivering exceptional experiences. As Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, her expertise in construction law and strategic vision for growth will be invaluable to NRE’s success.

Laura Volpini stands at the threshold of an exciting chapter for herself and New River Electrical Corporation. With extensive experience in law coupled with strategic vision and deep-rooted values, she is set to make significant contributions toward driving sustainable growth at NRE while nurturing its esteemed culture.