ground breaking photo of new support buildings

Groundbreaking on Support Buildings in Granville, OH

Our headquarters in Granville, Ohio, recently witnessed the groundbreaking construction of new support buildings.

This groundbreaking represents an important milestone in New River Electrical’s ongoing commitment to enhancing workplace efficiency and safety. Led by President/CEO Ike Poe, Senior VP of Operations Jake Grice, and Ohio Facility Manager John Jarvis, this initiative represents an investment in the collective success and well-being of our employees in the field.

ground breaking photo of new support buildings

An Investment for Continuous Improvement

The groundbreaking ceremony was marked by a golden shovel, symbolizing the start of construction and the golden opportunities these new facilities will bring to our workforce. Ike Poe, Jake Grice, and John Jarvis’s choice to lead this meaningful event demonstrated their integral roles and dedication to New River’s growth and employee welfare.

“At its core, these support buildings are an investment in our people. The newly constructed garage and shop aims to provide state-of-the-art resources that will greatly contribute to operational efficiency,” stated Ike Poe, President and CEO of New River Electrical. “ These facilities will help streamline operations and offer a safe learning environment for our field employees.”

However, the benefits go beyond physical assets; it’s about creating a where employees can build their careers safely and return home every day. By investing in this infrastructure, we reaffirm our pledge to minimize risks and foster a culture where safety is paramount. The Granville support buildings reflect New River Electrical’s deep understanding that business success is linked to the health and safety of our workforce.

Moving Forward to Power Communities

This groundbreaking event reminds us that every employee plays a pivotal role in our company’s journey toward excellence. It invites everyone within the organization to take pride in what they do and view these new facilities as tools that empower them to achieve greater heights.