New River Electrical employee pulling cables from a large wheel on a job site.
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  • Expanding Capabilities

  • People-First Safety Culture

  • Proven Nationally, Trusted Locally

  • Fleet Of Owned Equipment

Expanded Voltage Transmission From Coast to Coast

The electrical industry is expanding. With the evolution of the nation’s electrical grid, you need an electrical partner that is experienced in handling electrical grid infrastructures and the complexity of sitting high voltage transmission lines. Our Underground High Voltage Transmission Division is a proven force from the Silicon Valley to the Outer Banks with unmatched insight into the evolving industry we service.

From the top of our division down, we have the ability, technology, and skills to deliver any project best suited for your high voltage cable needs. Our crew leaders have energized relationships with long-standing suppliers as well as providing factory-trained splicers and our personally owned fleet of equipment and machines.

When you choose NRE for your next job, you can be certain of the extensive quality assurance we proudly put into each inch of your project.

Rodanthe Bridge in Dare County, North Carolina
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Project Spotlight: Rodanthe Bridge, Underground Transmission Division

An underground transmission project with cables, lights, and walkways in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Project Spotlight: 69kV Transmission Project

Two NRE employees working with a cable reel at a project in San Bruno, Ca.
Featured Projects

Project Spotlight: San Bruno Cable Pull

What We'll Do For You

From the crew to the equipment they use, New River Electrical has everything you need.

Industry-leading Equipment

  • 5kw - 10kw generator
  • Air compressor
  • Single and dual heat pumps
  • Dehumidifier
  • Monitored air quality
  • Bench tools
  • Personal safety
  • Retracting features

Supplemental Equipment

  • Cable Pushers - Assist cable pulling by cable pushing up to 1,000lbs of assistance
  • Roller System - We provide multiple roller systems to handle our cables without violating the bend radius or damaging the cable

Reel Handling Equipment

  • Motorized Hydraulic 100-ton Reel Caddy - We provide custom-designed, 200,000lb. Caddy with payout features and pullback capabilities. One unit is provided with each fleet
  • Motorized Hydraulic Self-Load Reel Cart - Custom designed and built 125,000 lb. self-loading reel carts with payout features as well as 6,000 lbs. of pullback capabilities
  • Specialized Reel Caddys: Our caddies excel at handling reels over 10’ wide or exceeding 15’ in height and weighing up to 200,000lbs. Our custom-made reels offer 100% control during the installation of your cables

Pulling Equipment

  • Cable Pulling Machines: Our machines feature adjustable pulling tension up to 45,000 lbs., 6,500’ ¾” swaged pull line.
  • Adjustable max pulling tension up to 21,000 lbs, up to 4,500’ swaged pull line.
  • Electronic Tracking every foot of the cable’s installation for pull speed, tension, and footage


  • 71 hours of continuous power per fueling
  • Completely controlled atmosphere
  • Immune to inclement weather
  • Safe/secured work areas
  • Expanding Capabilities

    From start to finish, there’s no project we can’t do right.

  • People-First Safety Culture

    A job is only successful when every one of our employees gets home safely.

  • Proven Nationally, Trusted Locally

    Executing nationwide projects while forming personal relationships along the way.

  • Fleet Of Owned Equipment

    Our personal fleet of equipment and vehicles is ready to roll. Just give us the word.

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