Underground High Voltage Transmission


High Voltage Transmission

Servicing Electrical Grid Infrastructures from California to North Carolina

As the need to expand and strengthen our nation’s electrical grid infrastructure continues to grow, so does the complexity in siting new high voltage transmission lines. These conflicting trends have accelerated the consideration and application of high voltage underground transmission technology.

New River Electrical has positioned ourselves as a leader in the expanding field of underground transmission voltage cable installation. From our top management team to our on site supervisors and skilled craftsmen, New River has the technology, experience, equipment and professionalism to guarantee a successful execution of your high voltage cable project.

New River can perform both the civil and electrical installation packages and can also furnish the cable and termination materials or even a complete EPC design/build package through proven relationships with engineering and cable-manufacturing partners. We provide factory-trained splicers and have invested in an extensive inventory of specialized equipment for reel handling, cable pulling, cable pushing and manhole environment conditioning. We provide the customer with extensive quality assurance and quality control procedures and documentation.

New River has safely and successfully completed a number of high voltage cable projects from Silicon Valley to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Our Fleet

Manhole Environmental Control Units

Custom designed and built splicing trailers to completely control manhole atmospheres utilizing single and dual heat pumps, air conditioners, 5KW to 10KW generator to supply all power needs within the manhole, air compressor to furnish air tools while completely monitoring the atmosphere for safety.  (Total of 10 in fleet.)


  • 5KW – 10KW generator
  • air compressor
  • single and dual heat pumps
  • dehumidifier
  • monitored air quality
  • bench tools
  • personal safety
  • retracting features


  • 71 hours of continuous power per fueling
  • completely controlled atmosphere
  • immune to inclement weather
  • safe/secured work area

Supplemental Equipment

  • Cable Pushers – Capabilities of assisting cable pulling by means of cable pushers with up to 1,000 lbs of assitance
  • Roller Systems – New River has several different roller systems which we incorporate in installations as needed. Utilizing these systems, we are able to handle the cable without  violating the bend radius or damaging the cable.


Reel Handling Equipment

  • NRE-UHVMotorized Hydraulic 100-Ton Reel Caddy – Custom designed, 200,000 lb. caddy with payout feature as well as pullback capabilities. Flange diameters 10 to 16 feet. (One unit in fleet.)
  • Motorized Hydraulic Self-Load Reel Cart – Custom designed and built 125,000 lb. self-loading reel carts with payout feature as well as 6,000 lbs. of pullback capabilities. (Total of three in fleet.)
  • Specialized Reel Caddys – For handling reels over 10′ wide or exceeding 15′ in height and weighing up to 200,000 lbs, New River Electrical has custom-made reel caddys that offer 100% control during installations. (Total of two in fleet.)

Pulling Equipment

  • Cable Pulling Machines
    • Adjustable max pulling tension up to 45,000 lbs, 6,500′ 3/4″ swaged pull line (One unit in fleet.)
    • Adjustable max pulling tension up to 21,000 lbs, up to 4,500′ swaged pull line (Three units in fleet.)
    • Electronic Tracking every foot of the cable’s installation for:
      • pull speed
      • tension
      • footage