Leadership Safety Activities

Safety Activities for Project Managers

  • Conduct and document six safety audits per year
  • Measure/evaluate and document field superintendent and general foreman safety activities
  • Manage charge back costs of division(s)

Safety Activities for Field Superintendents & General Foremen

  • New hire training and evaluation(s) completed during first week of employment
  • One documented safety inspection per month (12 per year)
  • Monitor Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s) for compliance and mentor as needed
  • Documented evaluation of foreman
  • Monitor new employees for potential problems and make necessary adjustments

Safety Activities for Foremen

  • Hold safety meetings and return sign-off sheets to Safety Department
  • Conduct new hire training as necessary
  • Conduct near miss/accident investigations
  • Ensure proper PPE is worn for task
  • Conduct weekly documented safety inspections
  • Enforcement of safety rules
  • Conduct training or arrange for training on processes as necessary
  • Maintain housekeeping on job at all times