New River Electrical employees standing together in field gear and hardhats.

Leadership Safety Activities

The strength of bringing NRE on the job is knowing that you have a crew with industry-leading safety knowledge handling your problems. Our Project Managers, Field Superintendents, Foremen, and others receive in-depth safety training to lead our safety culture.

Learn About Our Safety Culture

How We SafelyLead The Way

We provide in-house safety activities to help our leaders be aware of the changing challenges we know we’ll face. Our leaders dedicate themselves to safety education and practices to help their teams be the safest workforce on the job. We provide the following sets of safety activities for all our NRE leadership.

Safety Activities for Project Managers

  • Conduct and document six safety audits per year
  • Measure/evaluate and document field superintendent and general foreman safety activities
  • Manage chargeback costs of division(s)

Safety Activities for Field Superintendents & General Foremen

  • New hire training and evaluation(s) completed during first week of employment
  • One documented safety inspection per month (12 per year)
    Monitor Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s) for compliance and mentor as needed
  • Documented evaluation of foreman
  • Monitor new employees for potential problems and make necessary adjustments

Safety Activities for Foremen

  • Hold safety meetings and return sign-off sheets to Safety Department
  • Conduct new hire training as necessary
  • Conduct near miss/accident investigations
  • Ensure proper PPE is worn for task
  • Conduct weekly documented safety inspections
  • Enforcement of safety rules
  • Conduct training or arrange for training on processes as necessary
  • Maintain housekeeping on the job at all times