Tom Wolden & Ike Poe at the executive board room dedication

Thomas M. Wolden Executive Boardroom Dedication

In recognition of his remarkable contributions, New River Electrical has honored the legacy of Tom Wolden, our fourth President, by naming the Granville, Ohio, board room in his honor.

This is a small token of appreciation for his invaluable leadership and dedication to New River’s success. We are proud to honor his legacy in this meaningful way.

Tom Wolden cutting the ribbon

Legacies of Growth for New River Electrical

During Tom Wolden’s tenure as President of New River Electrical from January 2000 to January 2019, our company experienced its most significant growth. His leadership and unwavering dedication have profoundly impacted our company’s success and development.

The decision to dedicate the conference room in Tom Wolden’s name is a testament to his outstanding contributions and a lasting tribute to his achievements. The board room will stand as a reminder of his leadership qualities and inspire future generations within our organization.

“This honor is a humbling and deeply meaningful recognition and serves as a reminder of our incredible journey together at New River. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such a remarkable team, and I hope this dedication inspires others to continue pushing boundaries and achieving greatness.”
– Tom Wolden

Together, we express our deepest gratitude for Tom Wolden’s invaluable contributions and acknowledge his lasting mark on New River Electrical.