Granville Flag

New River Electrical Granville, Ohio Flag Raising Ceremony

In late 2023, New River Electrical proudly announced the grand opening of its new Granville office, marking a significant milestone in our journey spanning over 70 years. This expansion reflects our commitment to growth by serving our valued customers more efficiently and conveniently and our trusted employees with an up-to-date training center that exceeds their training needs. More recently, NRE hosted a flag-raising ceremony at the Granville site that symbolized more than just a formal inauguration.

A Celebration of Unity and Growth

The flag-raising ceremony was a symbolic gesture that resonated deeply with everyone present. It symbolized unity, pride, and patriotism within the NRE family. This moment marked the culmination of phase one of the Granville Campus Project.

“We found it important to install this pole and raise this flag in front of our building to support the ideal that our Granville presence stands tall. Our country needs communities like Licking County and companies like New River to help proceed with the ideals that represent America.”

Ike Poe, President and CEO of New River Electrical

Granville Flag

Members of the community attended the event, including departments of local government and esteemed state representatives who acknowledged the significance of this event in commemorating New River Electrical’s contributions to local employment and the broader economic landscape. Among the attendees were:

  • State Representative Thad Claggett (OH District 68)
  • Officials from Granville Township and Union Township
  • Members of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce
  • Licking County Sheriff’s Department
  • Granville Township Fire Department

We want to give special recognition to the NRE veterans who actively participated in this ceremony by raising the flag. Their presence added a layer of respect and gratitude towards those who have selflessly served their country.

“On behalf of the two thousand employees here at New River, I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to the veterans in the crowd. Thank you for your service, and ultimately your sacrifice to this country,” Ike Poe mentioned.

Through moments like these, NRE continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to growth, creating value for its dedicated employees, and show the community that New River Electrical is a corporate partner here to stay.

The flag waving high above Columbus Road is more than just fabric on a pole; it’s a testament to what can be achieved when individuals come together with shared goals and values.