New River Electrical employees doing an overhead job in a crane bucket.

Crane Operating Licensing Exams

We set the standard for crane operating safety. At NRE, we're committed to the complete ins and outs of safety culture including crane operations. Our safety staff is able to provide on-site crane operating licensing exams to our crews operating the equipment.

Learn About Our Safety Culture

The Value of Crane Safety

New River has secured the ability to host the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) written and practical exams. By doing our exams in-house, we are able to certify our current and upcoming operators on a consistent basis.

Our safety team partners with Glenns Crane and the NCCCO to equip our people with the best practical knowledge and performance standards for handling equipment operations on the job.

We offer quarterly training and exams to keep our crews ready, qualified, and able to meet our customer’s demands across our service territory.

Crane training at one fo our new River Electrical sites.

How To Get Certified

To earn a Crane Operating Certification you must complete:

  • The classroom portion of training and examination with a passing score
  • Set hours operating under a certified NCCCO operator on the project
  • Pass the practical examination
  • Pass the qualification process issued by NRE

We’re proud to say that since we have offered in-house certifications, our candidates have maintained a 90% pass rate thanks to the commitment our trainers, operators, and management put into our employees.

To learn more about our Crane Operating Exams and safety culture, contact us here.