Three NRE employee looking down into a manhole with a NRE box truck sitting behind them.

Tim Daniels Named MVP

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) named Tim Daniels, General Foreman for New River Electrical’s Underground High Voltage Transmission Division, Most Valuable Player (MVP) for his work in the Patuxent River Crossing portion of the Southern Maryland Reliability Project. During this project, Tim led a team of eight expert crewmen in pulling 4,526 feet of XLPE solid dielectric cable under the Patuxent River to deliver a 230kv solid dielectric circuit.

A wooden plaque displaying a cross-section of a power cable and a detailed information plate about the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative project for a 230kV underground transmission line.John Bredenkamp, SMECO Project Manager, described the project in the MVP announcement letter stating, “This was a first for our industry; no previous 230kv solid dielectric underground installation came close to the length and complexity of this project.” Morgan Myers, NREC Project Manager, echoed Mr. Bredenkamp. “Tim and his crew blazed the trail for New River. This was the first time we handled 18 foot wide and 14 foot long reels as well as pulling cable through fusible PVC pipe using a specially designed 200,000lb reel caddie to pull reels this size. Their hard work and cable expertise ensured a successful project.”

Upon receiving the award Tim said, “I appreciate the recognition but I wasn’t by myself. It takes a team to do a job. Tom Wade, Al Williams, Eric McPeak, Tony Laureano, Dominic Trent, Lawrence Sanchez, Tim Williams, Jeff Perkins, and Steve Ratliff deserve all the credit.”

The New River Electrical Underground Transmission crew prove there is no job too large for New River Electrical.