The inside of New River Electrical's Cloverdale Office renovation.

New River Electrical Sets the Standard for Cloverdale Offices

Setting the Standard

As New River Electrical has grown into the company it is today, we’ve recognized the importance of our brand in representing who we are to our customers and employees. We embraced a new tagline in 2019 — Set the Standard —  in recognition of the fact that New River has set and aims to continue setting the standard for industry expertise, safety, and professionalism.

An office lobby with a blue wall displaying the words

The Importance of a First Impression

Over the past several months, we have updated our logos on our letterhead and even on our trucks. But one place that NRE’s leadership wanted to cement our new brand was in our offices in Cloverdale, Virginia, and Westerville, Ohio.

When people walk in the front door, we want them to know where they are and what we do.

In June, the Cloverdale office tackled a renovation of the lobby area, which included taking down some decor to make room for an illuminated New River Electrical logo and darker, texturized paneling that sets the tone and feel of New River’s brand. A small water-wall feature was installed along with digital signage that is constantly scrolling with pictures of current and past New River projects.

The executive boardroom was updated with a coat of New River green paint along with photos from each of our divisions and the office complexes in Cloverdale and Westerville.

In the employee common area, we added some collaboration tables, digital displays, and a large wall mural from one of our substation projects. We also  removed the old blinds in the conference room and replaced them with vinyl wrap with the NRE logo.

A conference room with a large table and leather chairs, an American flag, and a wall decorated with photos and a statement about customer service.

Lastly, we placed five words on the wall in the lobby and common area: safety, professionalism, integrity, respect, passion. “We are displaying these words prominently in our office space because they were a common theme behind our new tagline,” said Chris Whitely, President and CEO of New River Electrical. “As we went through the process of developing the “Set the Standard” tagline, our leadership used these words over and over to describe what drives us in our relationships with our customers, vendors and employees.”

What better place to have these words than in the lobby and in our employee gathering area to serve as a reminder of what we strive for every day.

“It’s interesting what a little bit of updating can do,” said Whitely. “It really sets the standard of professionalism and cohesiveness that our clients, partners, and even our own employees have come to expect from us.”

“Even though 2020 has thrown so much at all of us, we wanted to use 2020 as a year to place our logo front and center: reminding us of our legacy while also pushing forward to the future,” said Whitely.

We plan to tackle the Westerville office next. Take a look at our time-lapse video that captures the renovations!