A helicopter in the distance near overhead power lines during a project installation.
Graysville, OH

Project Spotlight: 138kV Line Installation with Helicopter

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes helicopters are the safer option.

Recently, New River Electrical completed a project in Graysville, OH (Marietta Region), that called for installing a new, 6-mile, single circuit 138kV line. Given the rough terrain and the fact that this was a new, overhead transmission line, NRE decided that using a helicopter to install the ropes was the safest option.

For this particular project, NRE worked with a subcontractor to make two, single circuit rope pulls. It was an all-inclusive project and New River was responsible for the access roads, concrete piers, and line installation.

The decision to use the helicopter was meant to keep NRE’s skilled line workers out of harm’s way. The aerial install removed the need to pull out ropes manually, which can be a tedious task with an increased potential for slips, trips, and/or falls in unstable or rugged terrain.

“We spent a great deal of time planning every detail of this operation and it was executed flawlessly,” the NRE project manager said. “Both rope pulls were made safely without incident in a single afternoon.”

The project was just another example of the ingenuity and commitment to safety that New River Electrical’s employee owners demonstrate every day.

A silhouette of a helicopter flying above utility workers and poles with the sun shining brightly in the background.