A view from the back of a NRE box truck with traffic cones, spools, and employees pulling cable out of a reel truck.

Built On Safety

From the top-down, everyone at NRE is committed to safety. At the core of everything we do, the proactive safety standards guide the way to ensuring safety is our highest company priority.

Our Safety Culture

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We provide our crews with the best equipment, knowledge, and skills to get the job done right without sacrificing the safety of those around us. As a company, we’ve built a strong safety culture, but it’s only possible thanks to our employees’ personal commitment to our safety values. Because of them, we have created the trusted reputation that we’re proudly known for. When you bring on NRE for your job, you’ll get a first-hand look into our extensive safety culture and the industry differentiator that keeps us ahead of the rest. Since 2008, safety is our culture, and it’s here to stay.

  • 1700+
    Employees trained & supported by our Safety Teams.
  • 400+
    Daily Pre-planning Meetings (Task Hazard Analysis & Job Safety Analysis).
  • 11
    States currently supported with NRE field supervision.

How We Create The Safest Jobsites

Every employee at New River Electrical undergoes safety training to ensure that every job ends with everyone returning home safely. Our Safety Team at NRE sets the tone for helping our employees understand safety practices and procedures on the job, when operating equipment, or leading a team.

Two New River employees discussing hardward at a safety training class in our home offices with new employees.

Employee Safety Training

Our employees undergo our comprehensive safety training program before they ever set foot on the job. Safety is our culture, and while we work to bring in important people to our team, we instill in them our most important company value: Understanding why safety is the most important skill to come to work with. All NRE employees are given the chance to enroll in safety courses, gain certifications, and learn basic skills like CPR all on-site at NRE.

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