Commitment to Safety

New River Electrical Corporation is committed to safety. From our top management down to the employee in the field, everyone at New River Electrical is involved in the safety process.

Two NRE workers putting on protective gearOur project managers first incorporate safety into the bid process and then work side by side with our superintendents to ensure our safety policies and practices as well as our customers’ policies are followed and enforced.

Periodic visits by our Safety Department to evaluate safety compliance, identify and correct potential problems and determine training needs helps keep our team on track to maintaining a safe working environment.

In late 2008, our board of directors decided to promote a complete cultural change company-wide with regards to safety. We recognized the need to change the culture and behavior of not only the line employee but also management itself. In order to accomplish this, we set specific goals, committed to active participation in the OSHA ET&D Partnership, and established an extensive list of initiatives to accomplish in 2009. We began this task with a commitment from every officer of the company to lead the change. After these individuals received training on the principles presented in the OSHA ET&D Partnership 20-hour course, we then gave the training to our top managers, and finally to the line supervisors. The results we have experienced have strengthened our commitment, and we have seen positive change throughout our company.

Through the use of technology we have strengthened our safety culture. One of which is the use of iPads. Placing an iPad onto each jobsite has increased our ability to communicate with field operations in real time for safety alerts and receiving incident reports. We have incorporated an electronic system that ensures each employee has completed their weekly training, eliminating loopholes such as absentee, vacation, etc.

Also, New River offers a method by which an employee may anonymously report a safety violation or near miss. Employees who wish to report a near miss or other safety concerns, may fill out a Safety Violation form found on the Employee Intranet site or fill out a form on the website be clicking here.