New River Electrical bucket truck in front of a sunset

New River Electrical Celebrates 69 Years of Growth at the New Facility in Granville, Ohio

Since opening our doors in 1953, New River Electrical has made great efforts to achieve a model of growth and continuous improvement throughout our enterprise. Our ability to grow originates from decades of positive experiences our customers have received from passionate employees that work hard to make every job better than the last. This progress brings new opportunities not only for the company and our customers, but for our devoted personnel as well. To show our appreciation for the high level of performance our team achieves every day, NRE proudly continues to invest in endeavors that benefit our employees, such as: safety training, community events, and employee ownership opportunities. With a company culture that sets the standard in safety, respect, and employee ownership, it’s no surprise that NRE continues to grow organically each year.

Room for Advancement

With an annual increase in workload, it is necessary for the company to grow as a whole in order to sustain not only our business model, but the safety standards in which we pride ourselves on. More jobs mean more crews, but it also means additional Project Managers, Safety Supervisors and Support Staff to assure everyone out on the job makes it home unharmed every day. To accommodate this need for staffing growth, New River Electrical is excited to announce the addition of a new, much larger facility in Granville, Ohio. This addition will add a plethora of room for various administration needs, the most integral of which being on-site training.

An aerial view of the new facility in Granville, Ohio

NRE’s new, three story Facility in Granville, Ohio.

“We need a facility we can continue to grow with and there are tremendous growth possibilities in Granville.” says Robert Arritt Jr. President and CEO of New River Electrical. “NRE’s reputation, achieved by both former and current employees with an ownership mentality who genuinely care, is what made the Granville addition possible.”

Celebrating Success

Small girl enjoying a bouncy house

Shortly after announcing the purchase of the Granville facility, an Open House was hosted for employees and their families to celebrate this investment, while giving everyone an opportunity to tour the 95,000 square foot building. The day of the celebration was a rainy one, but that didn’t stop our Ohio family from enjoying each other’s company, indulging in food and drink, and most importantly, partaking in the bouncy houses.

Before exploring the building with everyone, Ike Poe, Chief Operating Officer, expressed words of appreciation at the event. “All of us here are either owners or soon to be owners, which makes this our investment together. That’s why we’re here, to celebrate 69 years of growth up to this point – this is something to really be proud of”.

When touring the new facility, children with ice-cream smeared on their faces enjoyed running through the massive hallways, while the enthusiastic staff did their best to imagine what renovations could be done to the area. “Being able to show employees the true vision of our new home is super exciting” says Jake Korngable, Project Manager for Overhead Lines, “it’s nice that NRE is investing in its employees by getting this building, so we have the room to grow”.

Renovations to the building are estimated to be complete in the summer of 2023.