NRE employee in safety equipment standing in front of a grated orange wall with yellow construction poles standing behind them.

Screenplay: Safety Culture Video

On screen text: New River Electrical Corporation

calming music plays

Scenery: Camera pans over a substation site at dawn with fog lightly drifting in the background.

Narrator: New river electrical corporation is a leading contractor in the heavy electrical construction industry.

Scenery: Pans over two more substation sites with cars moving on the roads behind and mountains in the background.

A view of New River Electrical’s Westerville, Ohio headquarters with bucket trucks sitting in the lot across the road.

Narrator: Our motto safety without sacrifice means we take pride in providing our customers an unmatched quality of work while also ensuring safety motivates every action of our workforce.

Scenery: Camera pans over an active highway and two overhead electrical structures in the shape of yellow football goal posts at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

A male New River Electrical employee sets up a “Danger Overhead Power Lines” orange safety sign in front of a substation site.

Camera pans vertically through a substation at a boom lift with New River Electrical employees inside it.

A male New River Employee at a desk in an office waves his hand over a project blueprint.

A second male New River Employee stands over the desk and looks at the project blueprint with the first employee shown sitting at the desk

Narrator: The well-being of our crews is promoted from the senior management to newest members of our team.

Scenery: Two New River Electrical employees in neon yellow safety jackets and white bucket hats look at an iPad tablet.

A New River Electrical employee walks a worksite and inspects orange safety cones in front of a frontloader.

Narrator: Our safety emphasis starts with quality training that sets expectations for every project.

Scenery: A New River Electrical Employee waves his hand as he talks to a safety training class. Camera switches to a group of new employees sitting at a long desk.

A bucket truck fully extends while an employee works on a tall electrical structure next to an empty road.

Narrator: Our crews begin each day with a work plan which includes an analysis detailing the hazards associated with the job and how the team can reduce or eliminate those hazards.

Scenery: New River Employees gather in a huddle at dawn and are talking about the day’s project. A second group of employees meet at a work site and are talking to a foreman, contractor, and other employees.

Narrator: This plan allows everyone on the crew as well as anyone visiting the site to introduce hazard mitigation steps such as controlling of work areas by introducing marked drive paths for equipment, installing visual barriers to alert danger, and ensuring the proper safety equipment and tools are available and ready to use.

Scenery: A close up shot of an orange “Danger Overhead Power Lines” sign.

An employee in a bulldozer drives down a marked safety path.

New River Employees check safety cones before digging. A “Danger Open Excavation” sign site sits in front of an employee digging nearby.

Employees check safety equipment, vehicles, and begin to put on protective gear.

A helicopter hovers next to a bucket truck lifting workers closer to a tall electrical structure

calming music continues

Narrator: For our employees, safety means fitness.

Crews begin each morning and follow the midday break with a stretch and flex session designed by certified behavioral-based ergonomic specialists.

Scenery: New River Electrical crew stands in a circle and begin stretching in a group

A large electrical cable reel is moving while cable is being distributed to a job site in front of a large warehouse.

New River Electrical employees write on a notepad as others load into boom lifts.

Narrator: Critical work tasks such as grounding, modifying control wiring, large foundation installation, and large material handling require additional measures to ensure every safeguard is in place and proper practices are followed.

Scenery: Two New River Electrical employees use yellow poles to grab electrical gables. A flag with “Grounds” listed on it is attached.

Camera shows employees attaching signs to electrical boxes, working with wiring, fixing telephone poles in box trucks, unloading large cable reels, checking safety cones and trucks in multiple locations.

Narrator: These tasks are further supported by qualified personnel to oversee critical work protection of customer property is also an utmost priority at New River.

Scenery: A backhoe and excavator start to dig into dirt at a job site.

Employees take notes on notepad at the jobsite.

Camera shows an overhead view of workers in a lift at a substation project.

Narrator: To avoid damage our standard procedures include utilizing spotters when moving equipment, setting dig boundaries around equipment, and by applying air spades and hand digging around vital equipment.

Scenery: A New River spotter helps employees back up their vehicles at a dirt jobsite and in a busy roadway.

Employees using airspades in the dirt.

Camera pans overhead at a substation site with mountains in the background at dusk.

Narrator: We also believe in protecting the environment and our customers from liabilities, environmental controls, adhering to federal and state regulations are in place before a project begins including concrete washout pits, stabilizing disturbed areas quickly to avoid runoff, controlling nuisance dusts keeping adjacent roadways clean, and ensuring spill kits are available in the event of an accidental release.

Scenery: A lift and reel of electrical cable sits above a high voltage transmission site as employees pass cabling underground in front of a residential neighborhood.

In multiple camera shots, employees construct concrete washout pits, dig and stabilize an electrical pole, and move a small yellow loader with dirt in the bucket.

Narrator: New River job sites are monitored by a knowledgeable safety staff that partners with crews and customers to ensure a safe productive project.

Scenery: New River employees inspect safety equipment, vehicles, and excavation areas at a job site.

Narrator: We believe that a job is not successful unless it can be completed without sacrificing safety or excellence.

Scenery: Two New River Electrical employees scale a wooden electrical pole and place orange covers over exposed wires.

In multiple shots employees look at electrical structures and wires in underground distribution sites and at substations

Narrator: Our employees should expect to return home safely every day.

Scenery: A New River Electrical foreman checks off a list as employees walk into a job site.

A New River Employee locks a swinging gate.

Narrator: Their families deserve it and so do our customers.

Scenery: Two New River Employees work on an overhead electrical structure from an extended bucket truck at a substation site.

Visuals begin to blur as the New River Electrical logo slides onto the screen

calming music fades

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