Two New River employees working with electrical structures at a substation.
Charlotte, NC

Project Spotlight: Duke Energy

A Focus on Safety

New River Electrical’s reputation for safety draws customers from near and far. Hearing about our reputation for safe worksites and protecting our workers, Duke Energy, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, contacted us in 2018 to partner with them on a few projects. Dealing with an increased workload, they knew they’d need people to not only get the job done but also get it done efficiently and safely. We had the pleasure of working with Duke Energy on three projects in 2019.

  • In January, we worked to install a brand new substation site for Duke Energy in Greensboro, North Carolina. Led by Foreman Jimmy Love, NRE’s partnership with Duke Energy got off on the right foot.
  • In May, Foreman Tommy Bowman worked on a brownfield site, or an existing station, and upgraded it for increased capacity.
  • After finishing work in Greensboro, Jimmy Love and his crew went down to Charlotte, North Carolina, to install another new substation.

A Team Effort

All three projects took about five months with our crews working hard to accomplish the job.

“We got a lot of attention from Duke Energy as we were completing the jobs,” said Jeff Rawlings, Substations Division Manager at New River Electrical. “I think there was someone out at the sites almost daily checking in on our work, and our lead foremen, Jimmy Love and Tommy Bowman, and their crews really impressed them.”

With three successful projects under our belt, we look forward to working with Duke Energy into 2020 and beyond.