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Mike Miller

  • URD Journeyman Technician

New River Electrical thrives because of its employees’ hard work and dedication. Mike Miller, an Underground Residential Distribution Journeyman Technician, is proof of this. He has been recognized for his outstanding efforts in his day-to-day work activities by Ohio811.

Recognized Excellence in Safety & Expertise

Being recognized by an external organization like Ohio811 is no small feat. Ohio811 is a vital organization dedicated to public safety, damage prevention, and education. As a not-for-profit entity, it is the crucial communication link between excavators and utility owners/operators. Its primary goal is to ensure the protection of underground utility infrastructure while promoting responsible excavation practices.

When anyone wants to dig, they notify Ohio811. Ohio811 then takes the information and requests a locate from the affected utility owners/operator members. The utility owners are responsible for marking the location of their underground facilities in the field. Mr. Miller’s practice of calling 811 before digging helps ensure safety and prevent damage to underground utilities.

A thank you note from Ohio811

The organization highlighted Mike’s attention to detail, policies and procedures, and his effort to make the state of Ohio and its citizens safer. This acknowledgment underscores the high standards of professionalism and skill that Mike brings to his role each day. It’s not just about doing a job but doing it exceptionally well and positively impacting those around you.

A Journeyman’s Tale of Dedication

Mr. Miller’s journey with us began 18 years ago. After nearly six years of exemplary service, he transitioned to our Underground division. Mike’s career path is a testament to his resilience and passion for line work.

Despite challenges such as time off to recover from shoulder issues, Mike has always remained loyal to New River Electrical. “It’s a good company. That’s why I always come back.” Mike’s story is a testament to the supportive and inclusive work environment we strive to foster, one in which we value each employee’s well-being.

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Inspiring Future Generations

Mike’s adaptability and willingness to learn new skills have significantly contributed to the success of our underground projects. Whether troubleshooting complex issues or meticulously enforcing and following safety protocols, Mike’s expertise shines through in his everyday tasks.

One of the most compelling aspects of Mike’s story is his message to recent high school graduates or those considering a career change: “Get into linework.” He emphasizes that even starting as a groundsman or truck driver with only a high school education can lead to a fulfilling career where one feels appreciated and adequately compensated.

If I had started linework right after high school, I’d be retired by now. People are always going to need electricity, so it’s a solid line of work.

For those thinking about their future career, the electrical utility field offers job security and opportunities for growth and advancement. The industry provides robust career paths without necessarily requiring advanced degrees. Anyone can build a successful career in this field with hard work, dedication, and the proper training—much like what New River Electrical provides.

Set the Standard in the Industry

Mike Miller’s story is about commitment, resilience, and the rewarding nature of working at New River Electrical. His journey to a celebrated URD Journeyman Technician exemplifies what it means to grow within an organization while contributing significantly to its success.

For anyone considering a career in linework or looking for stable employment opportunities post-graduation, Mike’s experience motivates and validates that this path is worthwhile.