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Kevin Callockio

  • General Foreman

More Than Just a Job

At New River Electrical, we pride ourselves in employees who think of the company as more than just a workplace. We’re a group of people who depend on each other to set the standard each and every day, and sometimes it feels more like family than coworkers.

We’re happy when someone joins New River Electrical to try out the field but ends up staying years for the fulfilling career they’ve found here. Kevin Callockio, general foreman in our substation division, has a story that goes just like that.

“I applied for an apprenticeship program and had an interview in 2012,” Callockio recalls. “My family isn’t in this work, but my parents said I needed to find something to do. So I did a little online research and settled on this.” Fortunately for us, after his program at Northern Michigan University, Callockio was placed with New River Electrical.

That was nearly ten years ago. It was a quick three years from apprenticeship to receiving his journeyman card in 2015, and then another three years until he earned the foreman title. Today, when he’s not overseeing projects in the field and working with subcontractors on active construction sites, he’s scoping out future projects around developing segments in the New River Electrical footprint.

Kevin’s favorite thing about the job? “Many things come to mind,” he laughs. “I enjoy collaborating with people, working with my peers at New River Electrical, or with power company personnel. It makes me feel like I made a difference that day.”

More Than a Just a Company

Kevin’s everyday work keeps him busy in the field, reviewing schematics and paperwork, ordering rental equipment and material, managing project schedules and collaborating with our staff, as well as utility partners. But for him, one of the things that defines his job most comes straight from our headquarters: freedom. “The freedom is what keeps me with New River Electrical. My superiors trust me. They know I’ll be efficient and productive during that work day. That means everything to me.”

For Kevin, that means the ability to strive for excellence as he sees fit. “My goals are to be as efficient and as productive as I can be while maintaining a safe work environment. It means setting a safety standard for other contractors to follow, getting jobs done in a timely manner, and being on the top of my game in the electrical contractor industry.”

Of course when Kevin needs support from our teams, he gets it. “There’s a true sense of team here, regardless of your position. Everyone is working together to accomplish the goal. The management encourages others to give their input and is receptive when it’s given. That’s what makes this company what it is.”

Damien Phillips, Division Manager – Substations at New River Electrical, values Kevin’s work ethic and professionalism, saying he sets the standard for leadership in substation field operations.

Kevin’s safety, professionalism, and leadership qualities make him not only a great general foreman but also a great person. Kevin is the type of guy that at the end of the day you can just count on. He’s honest, hardworking, and people like him are a large part of New River Electrical’s success.

More Than a Just a Career

When Kevin isn’t out in the field or office, he’s at home with his wife and two sons, with excursions north to Michigan to snowmobile or simply spend time with his dad.

Kevin’s job does mean ample opportunity to enjoy the present with his family, but he also appreciates the investment the company makes in their lives towards professional development, everyday safety, or simply quality of life. “There are so many opportunities here for advancement across the board. Everyone wants you to be the best you can be, and assistance is always here when you ask for it.  The safety department is always improving safety procedures,” Callockio says.

“New River Electrical realizes that building a future for their company is building a better future for their employees.”