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Josh Hopkins

  • Field Supervisor

How do you build an electrical construction company that sets the standards in safety, on-time projects, and employee loyalty? It’s simple. Invest time and trust in your people.

When Josh Hopkins joined the New River Electrical team in Ohio in 1995 as an apprentice, he had no idea that almost 25 years later he would be leading a team as a Field Superintendent for our Overhead Transmission & Distribution department. At New River Electrical, we strive to building long-standing relationships with our employees. We believe when you find a hardworking, talented individual, you should let them know that you’re invested in their success. Josh Hopkins is one of those types of people. He’s fondly referred to as “Mr. New River Electrical” for his vast knowledge of the company and the work.

“I became a linesman through the apprenticeship program,” says Josh. “Then, I had the chance to move up to line foreman, and later general foreman. Now, I report to the VP of Overhead Operations and lead entire project teams.”

Josh’s career path was a natural progression based on his dedication to safety on the job and his natural leadership. Each day, he makes safety first priority by making sure every worker has the proper safety gear and that every piece of equipment is in good working order. As Field Supervisor, he’s also responsible for handling general management responsibilities like communicating with our customers, tracking time and progress for billing, and preparing for the next project.

“Safety is my most important duty. We try to identify any possible safety hazards early on in the project and every morning when we get going,” says Josh. “Luckily, we all see each other as family here so it gives you extra peace of mind knowing that everyone has your back and is looking out for you.”

Josh says that the tight-knit culture of New River Electrical goes all the way to the top. Company leaders are known to spend time on job sites talking with employees face to face. Gaining insight to what’s working well on the front lines is the best way to make sure we’re living up to our standards of safety and performance and that our employees are supported.

“It was nothing for Chris [President & CEO] to come and talk to me like he’s known me for years,” says Josh. “We talked for a good hour and I could tell he genuinely wanted to get my opinion on things.”

The opportunity for growth and this “brotherhood” culture is one of the many ways we build employee loyalty. The other added benefit is the opportunity to become and Employee Owner. As a Field Superintendent, Josh is one of the many Employee Owners at New River Electrical. He knows that when he is successful at his job, the whole company is successful. At the end of the day, everyone goes home safe and happy.

Outside of the job, Josh doesn’t slow down. As further proof that he truly enjoys hard work, Josh owns a 215-acre beef farm in Southern Ohio. He looks at baling hay and rebuilding fences as a hobby rather than work. When he isn’t working on the farm, he’s spending time with his family at his son’s football games. When it does come time to rest, he can rest easy knowing that his family is supported and that his crew will make sure he gets home safely to them each day.