Two New River Electrical employees working on overhead distribution tasks in a bucket truck.
Hillsboro, OH

Project Spotlight: 138kV Transmission Line Project

This project was driven by the need to establish a new 138kV circuit between two substations utilizing only existing right of way. This was done by converting two existing single circuit transmission lines to double circuit lines.

The overall project consisted of two distinct separate rebuilds of nearly 7.5 miles of new 138kV single and double circuit transmission line that totaled 53 structures, 26 of which were on concrete pier foundations. The overhead division worked closely with our substation division who were tasked with the associated station work. This collaboration allowed New River Electrical to successfully navigate a very complex project schedule.

The project was a major undertaking which included multiple tight outage windows, close coordination with substation, and heavy construction through a rough winter and spring. In spite of the aggressive schedule and other complexities New River Electrical completed the project on time.